An eventful 2019

With only a few days left until the end of 2019, thought I’d take some time and reflect on 2019. Also, making the most of the last 2 hours of our flight to Tenerife 🙂

2019 has been a rather eventful year, with milestones reached, plans made for 2020, with nice surprises and lovely family events, as well as loss and challenges.

Firstly, travel-wise this year has been a mix of exploring new places and revisiting old ones. In addition we still had our regular visits to Romania for a wedding or two. The highlight of our 2019 travels remains our honeymoon trip to Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. As a result, we’ve put together a list of our trips this year and reflections on lessons learned from these trips.

Travels of 2019


I found out that doing something that scares you, will make you feel so much more powerful when you’re done. Going by this thought, I tried diving for the first time, at the Great Barrier Reef. It’s been a nice experience, well worth the sleepless night before

New York

Almost missing our flight with enough time on our layover and attending a late-night show taping, completely jet-lagged. This trip made me realize, that I really need to stop stressing out about the things I can not control.


This was a business trip for my day-job and so it was a solo-trip. With very little time for sightseeing, I realized how much I enjoy planning an “optimal” sightseeing route. And that I prefer sharing my experiences with my significant other.


Oh, Edinburgh …. I didn’t have high expectations for the weather in Edinburgh, so we enjoyed every moment we could take despite the super rainy weekend. With all of the videos I shot in Edinburgh, I decided to try my hand at video editing. I realized I do have some creativity in me, although I have always put myself in the “non-creative engineer” box.


Visiting one of my best friends and exploring the lakes and villages just an hour away from Zurich. Always lovely reconnecting with old friends!


Our long holiday for 2019! Since someone considers our honeymoon trip as our long holiday for 2018, although it’s been equally split between 2018 and 2019. Small details … :). The trip to Bali has been an interesting one, and I came back having mixed feelings about it. So I hope to sit down and write a full post about our experience in Bali very soon! I have a lot to say about it ..


Singapore – Even tough we’ve initially considered Singapore as a stop-over destination, we’ve grown to love it as a destination of it’s own. We’ve been to Singapore now 3 times in 12 months :). That is to say, we would always go back to visit Singapore!


Here it is, our last trip of 2019 and first trip of 2020. Although we’ve been talking about a possible trip over New Year ever since we were in Bali, this has been quite a last-minute planned trip. So I am looking forward to how it all turns out … While writing this i keep revisiting the things we forgot to pack … Being spontaneous is good, they said …


In addition, 2019 also gave us ample opportunities to explore Copenhagen, by having friends and family over for Easter, summer and Christmas. .

Reflections on 2019

2019 …. what a year! A year filled with firsts! It was our honeymoon trip ( and the almost 2000 photos and videos) that put me on the path to finding my passion for photography and writing and starting up this blog. While planning our honeymoon trip I decided that I do not want come back from this holiday with any regrets. So we have planned our activities with that in mind. From swimming in freezing cold waterfalls in New Zealand, to diving the Great Barrier Reef ( as a first time diver!) it’s been a blast.

In conclusion, that’s exactly what 2019 was for us. A year of taking risks, getting out of my comfort zone and having no regrets. A year of accepting the loss of a loved one and learning to accept the things I can not change. On a personal level, I feel it has been one of my most fulfilling years. Most importantly, this year I have learned that it’s ok ( and sometimes a must) to put yourself first.

That being said, I am looking forward to 2020 both in terms of travel and in terms of personal growth. What I am looking forward from 2020? More travels with friends and family and follow-through on our plans for the blog!

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