Ryanair is selling cheap flights from Vienna, Austria to Milan, Italy for as low as €15 return! That works out to a cost of just 1.9 (Euro) Cents Per Mile for this 800 mile journey.

The fare only includes a small carry-on bag placed under the seat, and you need to pay extra if you want to use the overhead storage or to check bags.

Our data shows the lowest prices are available in August 2021. See the link(s) below for dates and prices.

Sample date(s) with Kiwi.com booking link

Jul 9 – Jul 25 (€18)

Jul 12 – Jul 16 (€17)

Jul 13 – Jul 16 (€17)

Jul 14 – Jul 30 (€34)

Jul 16 – Jul 30 (€33)

Aug 2 – Aug 13 (€33)

Aug 6 – Aug 18 (€34)

Aug 8 – Aug 11 (€16)

Aug 26 – Aug 30 (€15)

Sep 6 – Sep 13 (€34)

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Note: Prices are valid at the time of publishing this post, but may change in the future.

COVID-19 Note: During these uncertain times, please make sure to check the relevant Coronavirus restrictions for your destination before you book and before you fly. We recommend also checking the refund policy of the airline, as well as purchasing travel insurance for your trip.