This deal is bound to sell out fast, so don’t wait too long to book!

There is a risk the US border will still be closed in October due to coronavirus, but in that case the airline should refund the price of your ticket.

Star Alliance carriers are offering a very good deal on flights from Spain to the USA this autumn. You can fly from Bilbao, Spain to Miami, Florida for as little as €169 return.

That works out to about 1.5 Cents Per Mile flown depending on what flights you choose and where the stopovers are. It is possible to fly from other Spanish cities such as Madrid or Barcelona, but the price increases to about €200, still a very good rate.

The rate doesn’t include checked luggage, and there is a pretty long stopover in Canada, but at least you have the chance to also visit a Canadian city on the same trip!

Dates are available in October/November 2020, and some dates are already sold out at the lowest prices.

Here is a sample itinerary in early October (Oct 1 – Oct 17):

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