Portuguese airline TAP continues their string of great flight deals from European cities, this time with flights between Denmark and Canada.

You can fly between Copenhagen, Denmark and Montreal, Canada for as little as 1350 DKK or $205 dollars return, which is hundreds of dollars cheaper than the usual price on this route. The price works out to just 2.1 Cents Per Mile flown.

As usual, this is a Light fare, so checked luggage is not included in the price. There is also a layover of up to 12 hours in Lisbon, Portugal in each direction.

There are many dates available starting from October 2020 to February 2021. Here is a sample itinerary at the lowest price at the end of October (Oct 28 – Nov 4) – you can book it by clicking the link below:

Canada can get very cold in the winter, so don’t forget to pack warm clothes!

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