Star Alliance airlines continue their string of good flight deals from destinations in Europe to the USA. This time it’s a flight from Copenhagen, Denmark to Washington D.C. for the unusually low price of $249 dollars return.

Depending on the flights you choose, there will be one or two stopovers in each direction, one in Europe and one in North America. These are basic economy fares and do not include checked luggage.

Here is a sample itinerary flown on Air Canada and Austrian in early November 2020 (Oct 31 – Nov 15). It has stops in Frankfurt and Montreal on the outbound leg, and in Vienna on the inbound leg, making it a 9500 mile long route with a cost of just 2.6 Cents Per Mile flown.

There are probably only a few tickets left at this low price, so expect the prices to go up in the next few days as people make bookings.

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