Extremely cheap return flights to Johannesburg, South Africa from Paris, France for as low as €223! That works out to a cost of just about 1.53 Cents Per Mile flown. The perfect way to escape the European winter and enjoy summer days in Johannesburg!

This is a 2-stops flight with layovers in Rome and Abu Dhabi. The flights are operated by Alitalia and Etihad Airways. Moreover, checked-in luggage is included in the price of the flight, which makes for an even better deal! Also, this is a 14,567-mile journey, so the overall cost per mile is very low at 1.53 Cents Per Mile flown.

Very good prices are available from August 2020 and up to March 2021, with the lowest found price in February 2021. Lastly, here is a sample itinerary in early February (Feb 8 – Feb 16):

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