Hoping to get people traveling again, low-cost airline Ryanair is offering super cheap flights between the UK and the Canary Islands in fall 2020.

The Canary Islands have excellent weather all year round and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is considered to be one of the cities with the best climate in the world.

You can find flights for as low as 60 US dollars on some dates in September, but tickets seem to be going fast. Here is an example from GoToGate.com for Sep 8th – Sep 24th. 

Remember this is Ryanair, the king of low-cost, so only the seat is included in this price – if you want an overhead carry-on, checked luggage or priority boarding, all of that is paid separately.

This is also a 4.5 hour flight on a short haul plane with no in-seat entertainment, so remember to bring a good book or have videos ready to watch on your phone/tablet.

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