Honeymoon Trip Report

Our wedding was back in September 2018, so we’ve decided to plan our honeymoon over the Christmas holidays, that way taking advantage of the great public holiday schedule of 2018. We have planned our wedding over the span of two years, and our honeymoon over at least half of that time.

We started by discussing how long our holiday would be ( counting the holidays we have left and the public holidays) and going through our travel bucket-list and ranking our top 3 destinations we would envision for our honeymoon.

Next step was taking care of the some of the logistics:

How’s the weather where we’re planning to travel?

To help us decide on whether it’s a good time to travel we check out the charts offered by Weather Spark together with TripAdvisor reviews of people that have traveled during the same period in previous years

We are most often drawn to summer-time and beach destinations, especially when it’s the middle of the winter in Denmark, the southern hemisphere seemed like a very good option.

What is our budget for the trip?

When setting up the budget for our holiday we agree on a total budget, taking into consideration some of the costs that we can not change: for example flights, some of the activities and what is our experience with cost of food per day from similar previous trips. Of course, the cost of food can vary based on location, whether we have a kitchen or not at our accommodation

This boils down a lot to personal travel preferences and how much you are able to spend on your holiday.

Are there any constraints that I should be aware of?

Ask yourself whether there are any constraints that could affect your holiday plan. For example: wanting to be in a specific location between specific dates. This might affect the budget, accommodation, flights.

For us, it was very important that if we chose to go to Australia, that we will be in Sydney for New Year. So this affected both our itinerary and our budget. Same goes for choosing Hamilton Island as part of our itinerary. Because one of the main things we wanted to do while in Australia was to dive/snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef.

Finally, once we had more information on the above steps, we started a more in depth research for hotels and activities and start sketching our itinerary.

While doing the itinerary for our honeymoon we have changed our mind at least two or three times. Either about some of the destinations or about the time we were planning to spend in each destination. Finally we’ve landed on the following itinerary.

Day 1 – Day 4
Day 4 – Day 8
Day 8 – Day 13
Day 13 – Day 15
Day 15 – Day 19
Day 19 – Day 23
Day 23 – Day 24

It’s been a much awaited trip after a year full of events, that did not disappoint. Check in with us for our posts about each of the destinations in our honeymoon. Our posts will include a breakdown of the details of our time spent there regarding food, flights and activities.