Endless rugged coastlines, windy beaches, and magical sunsets! That would all but sum up my impressions of Tenerife, after our short trip to the island. Our trip here has more than exceeded my expectations, putting Tenerife at the top of my must revisit list.

We often find ourselves planning more exotic destinations (not right at this moment, of course). We often think that places such as Tenerife are fairly close, and we’ll choose it for the next trip. And that’s how some of the destinations we would like to visit never tend to make the shortlist.

Our travels for 2019 included quite a few faraway places. So we thought we would spend New Years somewhere closer to home. With little time to spare we planned a trip to Tenerife. Our main goal for this vacation: spend the last days of the year relaxing.

On our relaxed vacation days, we like to settle into a little bit of a routine. So our days in Tenerife looked something like this: wake up, have coffee and breakfast in the garden, go for a walk, relax by the pool, enjoy a magical sunset, and round the day off with a delicious dinner.

Exceeding expectations

I strongly believe that each part of a trip/vacation adds up to the travel experience. I personally think that a balance is needed concerning the quality of each part of the travel experience: transportation, accommodation and the activities and experiences we have on our travels.

We decided to book our accommodation away from the more touristic western side of the island with spots like Costa Adeje and Playa de las Americas, although that meant being further away from the beach. We stayed in the southern part of the island, in the Oasis del Sur area, and ventured out for a short day-trip to the west coast.

This was such a great decision for us! This area was very calm and laid back, which made us fall in love even more with Tenerife! Here are a few things that made our stay in Tenerife so special.

Magical sunsets

One of our favorite past times is chasing sunsets wherever we are. And most of the time, you would feel so lucky that you got to enjoy a magical and colorful sunset, and think to yourself there’s no way tomorrow will top this. Well, in the few days we’ve spent in Tenerife, each day had a new display of colors and each sunset was just as ( or more ) magical as the one we saw the day before. We’ll leave you here with some photos, and make sure to check out our video for more.

san blas sunset
Sunset over Oasis del Sur
tenerife purple sunset
Pink sunset afterglow

Delicious food

There’s no shortage of that in Tenerife! It wasn’t difficult to find a delicious meal, with little to no planning. I don’t remember when was the last time we’ve planned our New Years Eve dinner the day before! I am pretty sure New Year’s Eve planning can’t get more relaxed than this. A stark comparison to the 2019 New Years Eve that we had planned for months. While the specials of the area are seafood, you will have a wide variety of choices. Here are a few of the spots that we recommend:

Dabda Wine Bar Tapas y Restaurant

Our choice for a casual and relaxed dinner, and a perfect choice for our New Year’s Eve dinner! Delicious food, very friendly and helpful staff and an amazing Sangria. We were very lucky to still find a table available for the New Year’s Eve dinner, from one day to another.

Restaurante El Mirador de Los Abrigos

A very nice seafood restaurant, and if you’re lucky you can get a table with a view. As the name says it, it is a lookout spot, the restaurant being located on top of a hill in the small fishing village of Los Abrigos. You will get to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner with a perfect view of the ocean and the cliffs. Both indoor and outdoor seating is available. It definitely deservers a visit.

El Tiburon Restaurante

If you do not feel like wandering too far away from Oasis del Sur, be sure to check out this restaurant. The restaurant offers a wide selection of delicious Mediterranean and seafood dishes. A common thread with all of the restaurants we ate at in Tenerife, the staff was very helpful, professional, and very friendly.

Please note our trip to Tenerife was at the end of 2019, and as such the availability of the restaurants might be different at this time.

Hiking a volcano

A goal we’ve recently set for any trip is to do something that will get us out of your comfort zone. For this trip, we woke up early in the morning on the 1st of January and headed out to Teide for a hike. It was our first time hiking to an elevation of 3718 m, which did bring a little bit of altitude sickness with it. But the views from the top were totally worth it.

Making our way to the top
View from the top of Teide

Only a limited number of passes are released per day for the ascent to the peak, so we would recommend booking this kind of activity well in advance. We booked through Volcano Teide and were part of a group of five hikers. The price of the ticket (70 € per person) includes the price of a roundtrip cable car ride, plus a guided hike. This price does not include transfer from your hotel to the mountain. If you do not have a car, transfer can be booked through Volcano Teide. However, this option was all booked for 1st of January, so we ended up booking a taxi, since there weren’t that many other public transport options for that day.

The cable car takes you up to an elevation of 3555 m, after which a 614 m long hike, with a 163m ascent awaits. Depending on your fitness level and whether or not you are affected by altitude sickness, this can take anywhere from 40 minutes to about one and a half hours.

Now definitely on my bucket list, going back to Teide for a sunset and stars hike!

While we did have a relaxing vacation, we barely scratched the surface and there are so many other amazing places to see in Tenerife. It did however make it on our list of favorite destinations in Europe, and we’ll make sure to go back and explore the island, whenever possible.

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