I have finally finished editing the videos from our New Years trip to Tenerife. I’ve started and stopped quite a few times until getting it done, feeling that it is not the best time for this, given the current world situation.

While editing the video, I remembered how enthusiastic I was about my last blog post of 2019. I had so high hopes for 2020.

Well – now 3 months into 2020 – we’re living through something that none of us thought we would be experiencing in our lifetime, a global pandemic. It still sounds daunting writing this or speaking it out loud. The whole world is now adjusting to “a new normal”. Time to lose the quotes… it’s everyday life… The whole world is now worrying about the uncertainty of life while this is unfolding and after all of this is over. What will we go back to? What is the new normal after this? It’s not difficult to feel even more disconnected than before and at times to feel hopeless.

Messages such as “My three month trial of 2020 is almost over, and I would like to return it” and news of countries/cities/hospitals that are struggling are part of our new reality.
Getting in touch with your friends and loved ones is very important in these trying times. Though conversations will find a way to circle back to the news of the day, there will still be moments when you’ll cheer each other up. When you’ll make each other feel better. I feel that in situations like these (hey, we’re all learning/ adapting as we go along), we need to keep our optimism and our hope alive. That was a struggle for me. Calls with my friends reminding me of my hobbies and interests and making me feel more relaxed, definitely helped. My wise little sister telling me that I am in one of the stages of grief concerning life as it used to be. And that it’s fine to have the feeling that I have. Thank you, sis!

I am not there yet with making lists of all the things I’ll do once this is over. Whenever someone asks me about plans for more than a couple of days or a week away I get anxious. My instinctual reaction is that of fear; fear of the unknown.

The best thing we can do right now is to stay at home. It’s to do our part in keeping ourselves and the ones around us safe. We should remember to reach out to our friends and family, letting them know that we’re here if they need us. We’re here for them now and when all of this is over. We will all have to adapt to a different kind of normal.
I wrote this a few weeks ago. I felt it was maybe too raw, so I decided to wait with posting, see if it is still how feel.

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