Though not an obvious choice for many tourists visiting from outside Europe, the city of Alicante and it surroundings it’s a favorite destination for many Scandinavian and East European tourists. Moreover, visiting the area is made even easier by the many low-cost companies flying directly to Alicante from various European airports. No matter what type of holiday you prefer, it is very likely that Alicante has it. Be it that you’re looking for history, nature, culinary experiences, or simply relaxing.

That being said, I’m sure we could have spent at least 3-4 days exploring Alicante! But for this trip we decided to focus on a small city down the coast, and carve out a day to see Alicante. We flew in from Copenhagen early in the morning, booked ourselves a luggage storage locker, and set to explore the city for the next couple of hours.

Transport & Luggage storage

We’ll leave here the luggage storage options we’ve come across in our research, in case you find your way to Alicante: Luggage Alicante, Radical storage and Estacion Autobuses Alicante (Alicante’s long-distance bus terminal).

The price of a bus ticket from the airport to the city is 3.85 euros for the Bus C6 airport shuttle. It is recommended that you have a contactless card for purchasing the ticket in the bus. You can find more information on the shuttle bus here:


Since quite a few of city’s attractions are located close to the old town, and a short distance from one another, which makes organizing a short tour easy to plan.

If you’re looking for some suggestions on what to visit, here are a few of the places that made it on our short tour: Castle of Santa Barbara, Playa de Postiguet, the town hall, the central market building and the Santa Maria Basilica. Check out Alicante Tourismo for more ideas on what to do in Alicante!

We started with Santa Barbara Castle and it’s many viewpoints. I am sure the view from the top would be simply spectacular! If you don’t have time for the one hour or more walk, or it’s too hot outside, I do recommend taking the passage from the marina and the elevator up to the base of the hill. On the other hand, you can do a brisk walk starting from the city center, between houses and up the stairs to the first terrace and viewing point. Even from here, the view is amazing! I am sure you will not regret it. Remember to bring enough water with you, it can get quite hot and humid.

Bucket list item: See the sunset from Santa Barbara Castle. Oh, and a sunset from the water overlooking the Castle!

After that we spent our remaining time in the city, walking the cobblestone streets, visiting old churches, coming across quirky buildings, admiring the historical the city hall building, and taking in the sun, the breeze and the sea on a walk on the pier.

As much as I enjoy having as much time as I want to visit a place, there is a certain satisfaction I get from planning such a short stay in a place. I enjoy the mix of planning and spontaneity to make for an unforgettable time, as short as it may be. Stay tuned for our next post about our time in Torrevieja,

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