I can’t believe how this past year has just flown by. Before you know it, it’ll be a year since our honeymoon trip … And we have not yet gotten through sharing our experiences from the last 3 locations on our trip: Melbourne, Hamilton Island, and Gold Coast.

So here it is, a new post! And as the title gave it away, it’s about Melbourne, also known as Australia’s most European feeling city. It won’t be a long one, as we’ve squeezed Melbourne in our honeymoon plans. So, we sadly had only about 2 days to spend here, in between Sydney and Hamilton Island. Since it was around the half-way mark of our holiday, one of us ( or maybe both of us) were kind of tired. It was time to slow down for a bit. It feels strange ( and sort of entitled) to say that you are tired … of being on holiday and exploring new places. But I guess it’s a thing, when you’re moving often from hotel to hotel, constantly packing and unpacking. Plus add to that the jetlag and the sensory overload from all of the experiences.

But, enough chit-chat about us, let’s get to more about Melbourne!


Since we were in Melbourne for 2 nights only, we decided to spoil ourselves a bit and went for the Pan Pacific Melbourne hotel in South Wharf. We rarely do this while traveling, but we decided to splurge and upgrade our room. So we got this amazing view over the Yarra River.

Although Pan Pacific is quite a big hotel, and it’s located next to a convention center, we have found it to be very cozy and has a perfect location. Very easy access to lots of cute dining options on the South Wharf Promenade and just a stone’s throw away from the city center. Breakfast was good, with lots of options to choose from. Be aware, breakfast tends to get quite hectic. All in all, staying here for 2 nights was great!

Nice bonus from getting a room on a higher floor and having a super early flight to our new location, Hamilton Island: enjoying the sunrise before going to the airport.


In preparing for this post, I realized that even when tired, we can’t sit still. We still added up about 45000 steps in the 1.5-2 days we were in Melbourne. However, what we try to do when we feel we’re low on energy, is not have as many ( or any ) fixed plans. That means: no museums, no specific restaurants for dinner, and so on. That helps us a lot to unwind, and not have to be always planning, organizing, or having to rush somewhere.

So, that’s what we chose to do in Melbourne. Walk around, see what we can see, and hope that someday we’ll go back to explore more of this city. Here are a few of the things we’ve seen/done:

Stumble upon Melbourne’s street art

Melbourne has become very popular in past years for its street art culture, with streets such as Hosier Lane and AC/DC Lane being very popular. So to no surprise, we’ve come across street art just by walking towards the city center.

Have a drink on a rooftop

What better way to relax and enjoy a cold drink on a summer day than doing so on a rooftop with a view over the Yarra River? And that’s what we did, stopping by the Transit Rooftop Bar, while exploring the interesting architecture in Federation Square. You’ll find plenty of lists with the best rooftops in Melbourne online, such as the one put out by Time Out or The Rooftop Guide. Lots to choose from!

Enjoy desserts at Brunetti’s

While we initially came across this cafe by accident, while roaming the streets of Melbourne, we soon found out that Brunetti’s is the place to get your desserts from in Melbourne. So, we skipped lunch and went in and tried as many cakes as we could. Check out the Brunetti cafe at Flinders Lane if in town.

Explore one (or more) of Melbourne’s many green spots

Melbourne is well known internationally for its many parks and gardens, also being named Australia’s garden city. With many of the parks being close distance from the city center, we couldn’t pass up the occasion to explore a few: Queen Victoria Gardens, Carlton Gardens, Fitzroy Gardens, and Parliament Gardens. The city of Melbourne website offers a list and a map of all of the parks and gardens in the city ( can be found here).

Ride the tram – for free

Very good to know! Melbourne offers free tram rides in the Free Tram Zone. You can find the map for the Free Tram Zone here. The Free Tram Zone spans most of Melbourne’s city center. It will take you close to many of Melbourne’s attractions, such as Federation Square, Queen Victoria Market, Flinders Street Station.

Enjoy Melbourne’s architecture

With a perfect combination of old and new, Melbourne has something for everyone, from the very popular historic Flinders Street Station building to the new deconstructivist style of the buildings in Federation Square, and everything in between.

Struggle to find a place for dinner

Last but not least, a bit of a reminder. Yes, I know we are repeating ourselves. If you’re planning to visit in December – January many of the restaurants will be closed for the summer holidays. You won’t find this info on their websites always, and you might just have the same experience as we did. Find a restaurant, read that it’s open, and walk there just to find it closed. Not to worry, Melbourne has a lot of dining options!

Did I say it will be a short post? Well, I was just as surprised about how much we’ve seen in less than 2 days! Hope you find it useful and enjoy reading it!

Bonus tip! Prepare for any kind of weather. While there were 20-21 degrees Celsius the 2 days we’ve been there, the day we left the temperatures were expected to hike up to 40 degrees Celsius!

I just love it how every part of this 3 weeks’ holiday has shown us how we cope with being tired and on the road! Still two more locations to cover.

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