A little bit about us …

We’re a couple that loves travel! And yes, I know exactly how that sounds! Yet another couple that loves travel. Hopefully, after reading through our posts and getting to know us better, you’ll change your mind. We found our love for travel after packing it all up and moving to a new country. Since our move to Denmark, back in 2010, we were lucky enough to travel to about 33 countries, over 4 continents.

“Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world”

Gustave Flaubert

We love everything about the trips we took together so far! And we are looking forward to the ones that are to come. Our love for travel covers every little aspect of it – deciding what our next destination will be, researching where to go, what to see, where to eat. We find even the logistics of travel fun: finding the best flights, the coziest hotels, or Airbnb’s, and sometimes the quirkiest restaurants.

Why this website? We wanted to share with you our experiences, the tips and tricks we learned on our travels ( sometimes the hard way).

As much as we love to travel, we also love finding the best travel deals! As of July 2020, we put our skills and love for travel to good use and made a special corner on our website, where we share with you our daily selection of travel deals. If you’re at all curious, head on out to the Travel Deals page or follow us on Instagram!

If you’re here for the travel stories and travel tips check out below the list of places we’ve traveled to so far. Let’s keep the wanderlust alive, in these crazy times we live in!

Map of our travels
The map of our adventures ( updated July 2020)